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Olympic Casino Club Rewards for new members


All new Olympic Casino Club Rewards members will get a generous promo money offer on the first four visits.


1st Visit 1€ = 10€ promo money offer + 10 € sports betting money + welcoming drink

2nd Visit 1€ = 10€ promo money offer 

3rd Visit 1€ = 10€ promo money offer

4th Visit 1€ = 10€ promo money offer


There are several perks and bonuses that comes with becoming a member of Olympic Club Rewards. For further information about the benefits click here.

The higher the membership level, the better the benefits.

Campaign details

All casinosEstoniaBonus pointsCampaign typeActiveRegularWelcome drink and free starting money

New clients
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Table games
Campaign type
First time visitor

€ 40,000.00


May 162024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 40,000.00


Jun 122024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 38,400.00


Jun 122024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 28,185.00


May 312024Olympic Casino OlümpiaTallinn

€ 22,827.00


May 312024Olympic Casino OlümpiaTallinn

€ 21,948.89


May 262024Olympic Casino HaaberstiTallinn

€ 21,553.00


May 192024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 20,196.01


May 262024OlyBet Sports Bar & Slots NarvaNarva

€ 15,387.00


May 302024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 12,501.00


May 292024Olympic Casino OlümpiaTallinn


It is a privilege to be a first-time visitor because on your first four visits you will be introduced to Olympic Casino with a welcome drink and free starting money.
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Club Rewards

Olympic Casino Club Rewards is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy splendid benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns. In addition to this, you can earn money.
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